Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Our Decline Begins with Glenn Beck

Kevin Kalmes ( writes that the decline of a civilization begins with a breakdown in the most basic principles of a civilized society:
  • morality
  • spiritualism
  • social mores
  • rule of law
  • moral philosophy
    • good v evil
    • virtue v vice
    • justice v lawlessness
    • truth v prevarication.
Sounds just right except for “spiritualism”, but I’ll take it to mean spirituality, and I can accept that when it means the oneness of things.

Kevin continues saying that the degradation of moral responsibility and the deterioration of moral character defines Glenn Beck. He embodies all that is wrong with a civilization that has lost its moral compass. The loss of a moral code allows the basest of human flaws to surface and spawn the antithesis of civilization. When Beck speaks of the antichrist, the beast God will destroy just before the final defeat of Satan, he is speaking of himself. And for the first time, he would be correct in his splenetic blasphemy!

The moral supervision of our Nation needs to first defeat antichrist Beck before we can recalibrate our moral compass and return to the moral code that Americans used to value.

That's all right on the nose, say I. Basically the man's one of a load of opportunistic self serving creeps, who haven't a Christian thought in their heads, and never have had. They are only qualified to speak evil, so that's what they do.

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