Saturday, November 9, 2013

Corporations are not People!

For a long time companies and corporations have been legally able to claim they are a legal entity, they can be regarded as a person. People however have emotions but a corporation is an abstract entity. In no way can they be actually be considered as equal to a living human being. Yet the law says they can. It is a dangerous notion that needs to be changed, all the more urgently as corporations get granted additional legal power after additional legal power, powers that give them immense legal advantages over the entities the law was intended to defend.

Here is a reminder of the power of corporations and their increasing ability to make the law an ass, especially in the USA, supposedly the fount of democracy in this world. It plainly is not. Corporations cross national boundaries with ease, and so are able to avoid censure and sanction from nations, simply by moving wherever the conditions and the incentives are best for them!

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