Thursday, January 31, 2013

Noam Chomsky Quietly Analyses the Way Capitalism Controls US

Chomsky, activist and linquistic theoretician, explains to Al Jazeera what is going on in the western world--why we are all so apathetic in the face of an insane demolition of our civilization all in the interests of greed and privilege. Don't expect any help from Obama, a man with no moral center, according to a group of female black activists who met him with their concerns. It explains why he is not in the least bothered about assassinating unknown people via unmanned drones in various parts of the world, and why he merely turns aside when anyone points to the Zionist injustice towards the Palestinians.

So, quiz question: who is the president with no moral center?

And for us: does he care that we know he hasn't one? Does he care enough about his future reputation to want to change the perception? It seems unlikely. He seems intent on securing his privileges for the immediate future.

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